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Always having big picture in mind, I enjoy improving team dynamics and keeping stakeholders satisfied by letting team members do what they do best.

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Project Management Experience

March - November 2015 Null - Object
IT Project Manager A digital technology development company
January - March 2015 Nova Energija
Executive Director Regional conference dedicated to Internet economy
October 2013 - May 2014 Case Study Show
Project Leader An event that connects students and company
March - November 2012 Council Meeting Belgrade
Team Leader of Events Semi-annual General Assembly of ESTIEM network



2015 - 2016 International Business Master Degree HULT International Business School London
HULT International Business School London, UK and San Francisco, USA
  • Graduated with Distinction
  • Project Management Specialization
  • Dean’s Scholar
  • Dean’s List* Modules A, B and C

* Students that earn a grade of HP in 50% or more of the module course credits are formally named to the Dean’s List for that module

2010 - 2015 Management Bachelor Degree
Faculty of Organisational Sciences University of Belgrade Belgrade, Serbia

Average Grade: 9,16/10

Thesis: “Performance Analysis of Serbian StartUp Companies”


  • Project Management Methods and Techniques
  • Project Management Softwares
  • Program Management

Other Experience

July - August 2016 Reduxio Systems
IT and data storage company in San Francisco
July - August 2014 Findomestic BNP Paribas bank
Intern in Domestic Payments Sector Serbian bank, part of BNP Paribas group
May 2013 - April 2014 T.I.M.E.S.
Organisational Team Member Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills - European case study competition
October 2012 - October 2013 ESTIEM LG Belgrade
Vice-president of External Affairs
Student organisation in Belgrade
January 2012 - January 2013 ESTIEM
Regional Coordinator of Balkan region European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management
July - August 2013 Energetix LLC
Marketing Director Assistant
Multi-level trading company in Moscow






Null Object Logo
Null Object Team Tech Meet Up
Null Object Logo

Null Object is a digital technology development company based in Belgrade, Serbia working with digital agencies and StartUps from all around the world.

  • Managed development of four mobile applications (6-10 weeks projects);
  • Coordinated cross-functional team of developers, designers, marketing managers and content providers during development of an online aggregation platform (8-months project) using scrum agile methodology;
  • Monitored development of all projects and reported progress and problems to the CEO;
  • Kept clients calm and satisfied by updating them on the project’s progress on a daily or weekly basis;
  • Organised the first Null-Object Tech MeetUp, networking and educational event that gathered 40 members of Serbian IT community.
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Nova Enegija Logo
Nova Enegija Logo

Nova Energija (New Energy) is a regional conference dedicated to Internet economy, which was held from April 29th until May 3rd, 2015 at Kopaonik. Nova Energija conference presented a different idea of what the vision of Serbian and regional economy should be like. The main themes were Internet business, E-government, Online media, PayPal and other payment systems, Internet marketing, Internet promotion, Social networks and everything that includes Knowledge economy.

  • Communicated with the most important stakeholders, such as hotel representatives and general and gold sponsors;
  • Coordinated a cross-functional team of 20 members;
  • Supervised creation of the website, coordinated developers, designers, copywriters and content creators;
  • Wrote a case study that was solved by students of Faculty of Organisational Sciences, elected the best teams and recruited competitors to organisational team;
  • Presented the conference on various events;
  • Monitored and controlled all project activities.
Case Study Logo
Case Study Logo

Case Study Show is an event that connects 160 Serbian students and nine companies, organised under patronage of Faculty of Organisational Sciences, Belgrade. It consists of case study competition, speed dating, creative workshops and company fair.

  • Created a new project concept and strategy based on research and feedback from previous years;
  • Coordinated a team of 56: seven core team members, 40 organisational team members and nine advisory positions;
  • Ensured that most of winning participants get internships by engaging in final round negotiations with corporate companies;
  • Collaborated with and reported to Board members, Advisory Board members and Faculty administration
  • Monitored all project activities and led project towards achieving goals set in the initiation phase;
  • Delivered trainings to team members;
  • Presented project to various stakeholders.

Main achievements:

  • Project fundraised 16.500 EUR, profit 10.000 EUR (profit margin increased by 20%);
  • Budget reduced by 40% with maintaining same quality in comparison to the previous year;
  • More than 30 students got internships;
  • Organisation of the event was evaluated with 4,8/5 by partners, 4,3/5 by participants.

Case Study Show 2014 Promo ESTIEM LG Belgrade

CM Portugal

ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) is network that connects 79 local groups from 31 European countries. Local group Belgrade counts 180 active members and organises more than ten both local and international events annually.

  • Improved efficiency and quality of projects and the entire organisation by formulating long-term organisational strategy, determining budgets and monitoring all projects and non-project activities of the local group;
  • Delivered presentations, sent newsletters and introduced co-financing program that motivated 20 local members to actively work on central level and 40 members to travel and attend ESTIEM events;
  • Ensured that Local Group Belgrade is consulted before making any major strategic decision of the entire network by having representatives on all strategic events, as well as keeping close contact with central level Board members;
  • Brought all local board members to the Autumn Council Meeting and had the largest delegation by negotiating with central Board members and ensuring that all applications were high-quality;
  • Organised international events in Belgrade (two events organised: Project Management Days and PR-CR School);
  • President’s deputy (August 2013 – October 2013).

Main achievement:

  • LG Belgrade was a 2nd most active local group in the whole network (2012 – 7th place, 2011 – 9th place).
CM Portugal
ESTIEM Meeting

Council Meeting is a seven-days event where 250 representatives from all local groups throughout Europe meet on semi-annual General Assembly to coordinate the projects within ESTIEM, set up guidelines for the future and elect the Board as well as various Project Leaders. The budget of the project was 40.000 EUR and 50 team members worked on it.

  • Coordinated team of six members;
  • Made important decisions with other seven core team members and seven Board members;
  • Organised three-days event where Board members, all Project and Committee Leaders gathered before Council Meeting;
  • Organised Alumni gathering during three last days of the Council Meeting;
  • Organised all leisure and evening activities (Welcome party in Serbian club The Tube, performance of Serbian wedding, ABC (Anything But Clothes) Party, Date Auction and Gala Dinner).

Main achievement:

  • Organisation of the event was evaluated with 4,35/5 by event participants.



Problems and Obstacles Faced by Serbian StartUps
Serbian Project Management Journal // December 2015

This paper presents basic characteristics of StartUps with a special emphasis on the challenges, problems, and obstacles they face. Also, results of offcial and relevant Serbian institutions are outlined. Considering the fact that these companies, as well as other small and medium enterprises, can be a significant driver of the revitalization of the Serbian economy, the Government of the Republic of Serbia introduced some strategies relevant to this sector, which are presented in this paper. Furthermore, this paper presents the results of a survey carried out in February 2015, which describes the main obstacles and challenges that are faced by Serbian StartUps. Finally, this paper illustrates the positioning of the Republic of Serbia in comparison to other European and world countries by various indexes.



Mike Grandinetti

Mike Grandinetti

Chief Marketing and Corporate Strategy Officer at Reduxio

"I first met Nina when she was a Masters of International Business student in my Disruptive Innovation course in London. In a classroom of 72 ambitious students, including many who were many years her senior, she stood out based on her active classroom engagement and her insightful questions, as well as her willingness to challenge me. She attended a 5 hour optional evening startup pitch session after spending close to 10 hours in the classroom on a Sunday. It was a clear indication of her growth mindset and her commitment to put theory into practice. Her business idea was very pragmatic, addressing a real on-campus challenge for international students in a massive city like London. She impressed me enough to ask her to help me on a few special projects - where I was able to see her impressive project management skills in action. If not for visa issues, Nina is the type of student that I would hire without hesitation."

Pedro Fernandes

Pedro Fernandez

Co Founder and Director at ResearchPool Limited

"As part of MVP phase roll-out, Nina played a key role in ensuring a successful delivery, not only of the initial version but also of the numerous features that we added in the following months. She demonstrated a strong client focus and accountability for our questions / requests. Based on her reliability and commitment, we create a trustful working relation that enabled us to advance at an accelerated pace towards the next level. I would strongly recommend Nina to anyone looking for an effective and high skilled support to establish or grow their business."

Nemanja Niciforovic

Nemanja Niciforovic

CEO at Null Object

"Nina is a proactive and tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team. Throughout her employment at Null Object, Nina completed her assignments on time and never failed to add a creative touch when appropriate. I would highly recommend her for any position, as she naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something she is passionate about."

Nils Millahn

Nils Millahn

Technical Director at DN Digital Ltd.

"Nina is a creative thinker with a good head for business and operational management. Bright, hard-working and committed to getting the job done. I predict a great future ahead and would happily recommend her."

Marko Stankovic

Marko Stankovic

Web Developer at Null Object

"I worked with Nina at Null Object on project ResearchPool. Nina has very good skill in project management. She is good team worker, very organized and easy to cooperation. I am pleased to have worked with Nina."

Ivan Agbaba

Ivan Agbaba

Managing Partner at NEST via Team

"It was great experience working with Nina on Nova Energija project. She was very organized and punctual. Goal oriented as well as good management and team leading skills. She was delegating tasks with big precision and with lots of data. Hope to work with her on some more projects."

Bogdan Stamatovic

Bogdan Stamatovic

HHT Helpdesk at AC Nielsen

"Nina is tireless, committed and extremely dedicated co-worker. She has shown great team leading skills as well as impressive crisis management capabilities throughout Case Study Show project and was also open for numerous changes and vast variety of innovations and successfully managed all of them. It was a real pleasure to work with her and I would be more than happy to recommend her as an irreplaceable addition to any team."

Milica Markovic

Milica Markovic

CLM Campaign Planner at Telenor Srbija

"Working with Nina for a few years, on multiple projects, I always admired her organisation skills. She plans steps ahead and thinks of every detail. Her mind is set on innovation and improvement - she enriches concepts, while making no excuses on account of quality. Nina's devotion is never in question. She is driven, passionate and proactive. When working in organisation, she lives the culture and makes valuable networking. I enjoyed her creative ideas and admired open minded approach to resolving challenges."

Aleksandra Kuzmanovic

Aleksandra Kuzmanovic

Consultant - Social Determinants of Health at World Health Organization

"Nina and I worked together in ESTIEM LG Belgrade for three years, including a year of her Executive Board engagement under my presidency. During that period, she proved to be a hardworking and conscientious young woman, who takes her obligations and responsibilities very seriously. She showed an impressive intelligence, sharp mind and analytical skills in her independent tasks. I believe that she is dedicated to building her career very carefully and keen to excel in the area of her work. She has always been eager to expand her knowledge beyond requirements. During her work in ESTIEM LG Belgrade she also showed that she is a “team player”."

Henrique Cruz

Henrique Cruz

Product Management at Talkdesk

"I had the chance of working with Nina, while she was the Regional Coordinator at ESTIEM. Very dedicated to her cause, organized and focused on the objectives to be reached, I will not shy away from the opportunity of working with her again."

Andy Selfo

Andy Selfo

Global Contract Lead - Agresso at Lawrence Harvey Group

"Nina’s project management style is characterized by enthusiasm, passion and commitment to success. In addition to her ability to mobilize and motivate a project team, Nina can establish and implement project management processes and procedures within a short time period. She is straightforward and easy to deal with and brings a certain drive to the project organization.

One of the best graduate project managers I have worked with and I will highly recommend her to any of my clients."